Spoken English

“Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.”

-Janet Lane

Yes, we are here talking about the importance of spoken English. Why is that t`his language of the western world so prominent? Or should I not mention “the western world”, because it’s already spoken all over the earth!? 😀

Do you know that English is the official language of more than 79…..? Yes SEVENTY NINE COUNTRIES? Which means, the world is getting together, the communication better, the connection stronger and the people closer.

By learning Spoken English you can gather tremendous amount of growing information. You’ll be introduced to the cultures, traditions, fashions, lifestyles, literature, films, shows …… name it…. You’ll be getting yourself educated with a whole new world, I promise.

English is a magical language!
Yes, because, there’s so much of beauty in it. There are millions of words made out of just 26 alphabet! Have you ever thought about it!? Now you did: D

Okay, getting back to my question. WHY spoken English?

You can gain more knowledge, global exposure, better grades at school (which is necessary ), people actually think you know a lot when you speak good English (people actually worship you when your English is awesome even if you are just owling), you get better jobs, better than that you are paid better , you can read and understand almost anything picking up from a whole varieties of subjects, you can be an author you can HUG the world with English 😀
Knowledge, money, education, sophistication….. And there’s more

Okay now that you know why it’s sooooooooo important, it’s time for you to have a plan to learn or master the language and learn spoken English


Here are my quick and easy tips master spoken English:

Tip #1: Listen

Spoken EnglishListen to almost everything in English. Radio, films, lectures, interviews, music or maybe you like listening to the friend of yours, you choose your interest.

BANG!!! This way you’ll be…. Well not you …. Your subconscious mind is introduced to the new sounds, the accent…

believe me just like a baby in a mother’s womb, your subconscious mind is learning and capturing every bit whether you know it or not.
So, LISTENING is very very very necessary.

Listen to Beginner level interviews like kofee with karan and advanced level interviews could be found in ellen show.

 Tip #2: Speak

Whether you are perfect or not, right or wrong, even if people laugh, just go ahead ,speak-01

be a winner and SPEAK… you’ll only get better
speak in your mind, to your sibling, to your friend or a colleague or

to your dog :/ hahhaha…. 😀
Whomever! Whatever! SPEAK!!!

check our article on tips to improve communication skills.

Tip #3: Imitate

You heard it….! Imitate…
don’t agree?
imitateOkay guess how you learnt your mother tongue You copied your mother tongue from your parents, your friends, your teachers, your community… yes. You copied and you tried to speak that word exactly like the person you copied from was speaking… sooooo you do the same thing here.

Caution: only imitate the words or phrases NOT the personality of others.

Be what you are! Good!!

So learn and grasp the language. It could be your favorite Hollywood star, your English teacher or your good English speaking friend that is one of the important tips to master spoken English.

Tip #4: Read

Reading improves memory, makes your mind restful but focused, it’s a connection between your mind and your eyes. This readcommunication is divine in other words.

Let me give you an example,

imagine – a. you are running and listening to your friend…b. you are sitting and listening to your friend reading is like “b” (oh what an awful example ) anyway so they say book is your best friend, and yes it’s true, so go! Get READING!

If you hate reading, try reading the topics that interest you in the beginning later you’ll be at ease to read anything and everything. NOW READ LIKE A BOSS 😀

Tip #5: Keep a Journal

notesWrite about things that made you feel happy, memories you make, inspiring incidents or may be even that adventurous dream of yours where you flew on winged horses and tasted that candy cloud.

Though seems weird it actually works. Eventually you’ll be able to use appropriate words and you could even track your progress.

Try writing stories, songs or poems… remember all these efforts will never go in vain but will only make you more fluent and believe me your logical thinking too will be drastically enhanced  🙂

Tip #6: Take corrections

This is essentially crucial. You need somebody to guide you,

to find your mistakes and correct whenever you go wrong. If you areteach not corrected you tend to repeat those errors and you make ‘em your habit…. And

guess what… its soooo difficult to get rid of habits…especially the ones related to a language.

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Happie learning folks 😀

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