Campus Recruitment Drive

Are interviews are really hard to crack??

Yes, until you prepare for it.fb-multiple-pictures-ad-01

once you master interview skills its merely a cake walk, then on

pleasing the interviewer wont be the case you will be in a position to choose from the choices and join a job you are passionate about and wanted to do.

What you need to get a job

To win your job you need skills both technical and non-technical if you ask us non-technical skills like personality, body language and verbal communication are more important and play a vital role in cracking an interview in the first place. Once after joining the job your technical skills come into picture.

Let’s take an example:

There are two people A & B

Both are from same educational background and are applying for the same job at a reputed company let’s see their skills and abilities in the table below:


Here we see person A has a good grip over technical stuff (academic percentage) but cannot express what he/she knows

But in the other hand person B has less grip over technical stuff (academic percentage) but is good at telling what he/she knows

So answer yourself who will grab the job first..??

Exactly, person A will get the job first so,

Get yourself equipped with Interview skills.As the name suggests it’s about preparing for interviews and it’s not just for the people looking for jobs but also for the people who are applying for entrances like Groups, IELTS etc. or other exams where interviews are conducted.  Speaking of interviews we have to attend people, introduce ourselves, and speak about our achievements at every stage of our life. It could be a school interview, a job interview or maybe you must speak about yourself in front of a huge crowd!

Highlights of the course:

  • Self-introduction for different situations.
  • Writing a killer resume.(20 sample resumes of IIT graduates who got placed in Tech giants like Microsoft and google etc. will be provided for the learner)
  • Tackling stage fear.
  • How to give micro presentation.
  • Group discussion (GD)
  • Personality improvement Program.
  • JAM sessions.
  • 20 mock interviews.
  • Training for 30 common questions asked in the interview.