Is to Educate the Children, Empower the Youth, Upgrade the Professionals


Elevate the Country to New Heights!!


Helpeng is a government certified organization formed to serve people of various backgrounds in the field of education.

It is established with a pure motive of servitude to make education accessible to every individual who dreams big.

We believe that education and survival are interconnected, and to sustain in today’s aggressive world which is full of competition, one needs to be fortified with skills.

There are many kinds of skills that will land you a job, some of the general ones are listed below:

  • Communications Skills (listening, verbal, written)
  • Computer & Technical Literacy. ...
  • Interpersonal Abilities
  • Interview Skills
  • Analytical And Logical Skills
  • Aptitude Skills

If one is well versed with the above skills, one’s career will shine as bright as the sun!
Be it interview, job training session, workplace, school, college, and business, for that matter anything!

People with excellent skills always stand ahead.

So here we are……!

At helpeng, that’s what we do, we mould people’s personality by training them with the world’s best trainers and lay a concrete foundation for their ever emergent future.